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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photo Hunt: Four

This is my first entry to this fun meme - Photo Hunt. The theme for this week is "FOUR", so here goes my take on it...

Four "Abras"
(click to enlarge)

Abra (Arabic: عبرة‎) is a traditional boat made of wood, used to transport people across Dubai Creek in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A medium-sized single-engine craft with a capacity of about 20 passengers, it is driven by a single operator from a sort of cockpit stepped in the center of the hull. The short platform around the cockpit, sheltered by a canopy, is where the passengers are seated, all facing outwards 10 on each side. The speed of the engine may be varied, while the steering system is basic: often a wooden rudder connected to the cockpit's mechanism by means of ropes and pulleys.

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  1. Totally gorgeous shot.
    I would have never guessed Dubai though.
    Looks more like Asia.

  2. Awesome shot! Nice take for this week's theme.

    Mine is here

  3. That's a very nice work for a first entry.

  4. That's a beautiful shot!

    My husband just got home from his third tour in SE Asia, which is my photo this week.

  5. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous. Interesting skyline too.

  6. I'm with Nicole -- at least on the gorgeous shot part. Wonderful lighting for starters, and the water's calm enough to give good reflections, but disturbed enough to let you know it's there. I might have guessed Dubai from the background (though probably not) but I wouldn't have figured it out from the boats.

    This is just gorgeous.

  7. Such a sweet photo, great lighting!

    I moved my Photo Hunters to my new photo blog. Please visit if you can!


    Have a great weekend!

  8. This is a beautiful first entry....

  9. Fantastic shot ~ very well done! Enjoyed the interesting eXplanation as well.

  10. That is a beautiful shot - very calming and serene - happy weekend.

  11. Perfect interpretation of the word 'four' and I learned a new word.

  12. I love the pictures of your blog. They are all so well taken. Thanks for visiting our blog and nice comment.

  13. Beautiful image.
    I want to float away...

  14. Very beautiful - looks like a painting...


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