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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Box Jellyfish

Photo taken at Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Mall

Box Jellyfish is best known for its extremely powerful venom -- being the most deadly in the animal kingdom. Stings from such species are excruciatingly painful, either initially or as an after-effect, and are often fatal to their prey and sometimes even for humans. However, not all species of Box Jellyfish are this dangerous to humans.

I've had my own awful experience of being stung with a jellyfish many years back, it's a good thing that the people I was with at that time knew exactly how to apply first aid, they quickly applied vinegar and removed the tentacles immediately. That vinegar proved to be a savior. That is why it is important to know at least some basics about first aid, you'll never know when something like this could happen.

By the way, that experience never did once scare me off from swimming or snorkeling again because I really love to swim. Nevertheless, I could never stress enough the importance of being more careful, and to never go swimming alone especially in beaches, and of course to know first aid... it can save your life.

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  1. very colorful and thanks for the info, learned something worthy.

  2. That is an amazing photo...I've never been stung by one...yet!

  3. A salutory post - good stuff.

  4. electric blue color. great shot.

  5. Beautiful photo, I love watching jellyfish in the aquarium. I wouldn't like to be stung by one, though.

  6. Very blue! Looks like it is from a sci-fi-movie! And it could be, being so dangerous! I have only read about them - I don't believe they excist on these coasts! To cold water - fortunately!
    Great shot of this creature - or whatever to call it! :)

  7. Great shot. The lighting and colors are great. I love watching jellyfish. They're beautiful to watch - so fluid and artistic in movement.

  8. Almost surreal... definitely beautiful. could be from another world entirely.


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