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Friday, April 17, 2009


Dubai Marina is branded as a city-within-a-city. This man-made marina boasts of luxury apartments and villas set against a background of shimmering water. Upon completion, Dubai Marina will be one of the world's largest marina with approximately 4.5 square km in size, 3.5 km long with an 11 km boardwalk, covering a total of more that 50 million square feet housing luxury residential and leisure facilities.

We were here a couple of weeks back and really enjoyed our stroll along the boardwalk. Mind you, this place is busy...busy...busy! especially during Fridays (weekend in Dubai is Fri-Sat). With its very posh and cosmopolitan feel, it's not surprising why a lot of tourists and expats hang out here and crowd the place.

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  1. Wonderful shot! So urban! Love the lines - the great buildings reaching for the sky, and the white clouds streching even higher! Great depth in this photo!

  2. wherever you are, people flock to the water. that's luxurious looking. i am sure there's plenty of places to eat here too.

  3. an excellent shot...perfect angle.

  4. What a beautiful sight and that's a great man-made sight. You're lucky to have seen the beautiful Dubai.

  5. How green is your water .. VERY .. nice sky too

  6. Awesome shot with the blue skies, sunlit buildings, and green waters. What a place...I can feel the energy by just looking at your photo!

  7. you should try to perpective tool to see what it would be like. i reacon you'd be surpised how much better it would look. other than that this is great photo. happy SWF!

  8. Nice fisheye shot, love the way they leanin together whispering secrets to each other.

  9. Pretty impressive I have to say! They're really moving on up in the world in your hometown!


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