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Monday, April 6, 2009

Wind Tower

Souq Madinat, Jumeirah

A wind tower is an old traditional architectural element used for ventilation essential to residential houses in the Gulf countries decades ago. Although presently wind towers are no longer necessary as most residences and commercial buildings are now air conditioned, it remains to be considered as an important element of local identity and can still be seen in contemporary buildings in the UAE, only as an architectural feature.

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  1. That is interesting - and it may be as well that they continue to build them on. Good mono subject.

  2. It is very interesting. I've never seen its like here in Boston. It's good that its use is being continued, even if only for decoration.

  3. Now that is odd and interestingly so

  4. This reminds me of the system designed by Robert E. Lee for use at Ft. Macon. By channeling the onshore breeze and using natural convection currents, he was able to provide a rudimentary "air conditioning system" for the fort. Which, if you've ever been to eastern North Carolina, would be an important feature to have. the entire town of Beaufort was built so that the buildings channeled the onshore breeze too, for the same reason. I'd love to know more about how these work and the design elements that go into them. (I'm just a geek that way.)

    But they make a striking photograph however they work!

  5. Beautiful picture and very interesting to hear about wind towers.

  6. That's a very interesting composition, Mariz. Great picture :)

    PS: Thanks for visiting my blog!


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