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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Burjuman Mall, Bur Dubai District

This very classy mall - just a 5 minute walk from our house, is quite famous among locals and tourists, having Saks Fifth Avenue as its mall flagship (the quintessential icon of New York taste and style, synonymous with high end fashion).

Most shops in Burjuman sell signature brand items that are comparatively cheaper compared to same brand Western located shops, but my particular favorite in this mall are the interiors! The interior details within the mall and its conjunct office tower are superb. The restaurant spot in the above photo is my favorite place here...I love the lighting, the aesthetic water effects, the palm trees and the ceiling and restaurant interior finish they used for this particular area - all very impressive details.

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  1. They certainly don't do anything halfway there do they? Dubai is becoming the New Las Vegas!

  2. It may be a classy place, but the decor is so busy it makes my head spin.

  3. Oh Dubai is so westernized/modernized. I wonder if there are places where you can experience the old Dubai. Is there an old town Dubai section of the city?

  4. Wonderful capture! I love the colors here. Looks like a good place to go shopping and just hang out. :)

  5. I think I could sit for hours and just look at the ceiling. It's amazing!

  6. All those colors and shapes are very busy. Great capture.

  7. have seen pics of the lavish malls in Dubai..this looks like no exception!!

  8. That is weird looking mall, but it is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing..


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