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Monday, May 25, 2009

Light Drapes

A shopping souk in Dubai Mall complex used (Christmas) lights together with soft Georgette-like tulle fabric to decorate its entrance area and hallways. This decor gave a very elegant and relaxing ambiance to the place. For some reason, I liked the photo even better in B&W than its original color, the mono gave the lights a better "starry" effect in the photo.


  1. Your choice was a good one - it is very stricking in B&W.

  2. I like this it made me stop and really look

  3. So efectfull ths ligths was!! Stunning to see at christmas time I can belive.

  4. That's beautiful. This is something that would definitely catch my attention as I try to figure out how they did that.

  5. That's beautiful, it's so elegant and looks like something out of a fairy tale!

  6. The lights have an amazing effect

  7. I imagine the color version is beautiful, but I think you made a great choice going with B&W. It sort of resembles the sparks of a large fireworks rocket or something similar.


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