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Friday, May 15, 2009

Puffy Clouds

Al Rolla area, Bur Dubai District

Altocumulus clouds like these are my favorite, their puffy appearance are so reminiscent of cotton candy (makes me crave for one now...I couldn't seem to remember the last time I had one, it has been so long). Anyways, back to the clouds... I really enjoyed capturing this beautiful sight on one hot afternoon. While walking along the street, I saw this lovely building which I thought would add character when framed with the sky, I believe it did add a nice touch.

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  1. Not only does the building adds character to the image, it brings a splash of color and cheerfulness too.

    Great job.

  2. Magnificent perspective! There's just enough of the building to "ground" the image without distracting you from that marvelous sky. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

  3. Very great shot! Very nice clouds and building :o)

  4. It's a nice mix, the puffy clouds (also one of my favorites) and the composition is wonderful.

  5. Very cool shot...

    I think that the building adds a lot of character to the photo and a spash of cheerful colour...

    Very nice contrast..

  6. Great sky, but the building looks like a stack of plastic boxes...

  7. A lovely sky and a lovely building!

  8. I like this one. I like the angle you shot it at. The building is very playful looking with its different colors and window shapes. I bet it's nice inside too...with beautiful views of that speckled sky.

  9. Lovely shot - all cotton candy clouds and sorbet coloured building.


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