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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Burj Dubai Inauguration

The Burj - currently the world's tallest building (over 800 meters/160 floors high) and serves as an iconic symbol of Dubai's economic growth and stature, was finally inaugurated last night in conjunction with the fourth anniversary of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s accession as Ruler of Dubai. A grand spectacle of choreographed sound, light, water and fireworks display was the highlight of the event.

Together with some friends, I went to see the show and squeezed our way through the huge crowd that gathered. We secured a spot in close range, but sadly, that may not have been a good idea, it was a struggle to take good photos and videos while in the midst of a restless crowd who couldn't keep still because of anticipation and excitement. Good thing my hubby managed to take good photos from a strategic place near his office. The fireworks display was very good, but a lot of people felt that it was too short, we were clamoring for more and even waited a bit longer, hoping there would be a part 2  or something... lol ...

Anyways, enough with the ranting and on with the photo posting, here goes...(click to enlarge)

If you want to see my captured video, head over to my personal blog - Reflections.

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  1. spectacular shots, the ones from the post below too.

    glad you are back.

  2. @ewok1993: thanks, so happy to see you here again =)

  3. Mariz: That is a spectacular show. Dubai really knows how to accent the country. At one point I could see a Christmas tree in the display, nicely captured.

  4. Beautiful captures! We saw this on the news, but it's great to see your photos, and a little bit of history in the making. It's a stunning building - but I'm not sure I'd like to go to the top!

  5. beautiful captures of the show...i have been following the building's progress. it's amazing.
    happy new year.

  6. Those are indeed spectacular shots! Wow! How beautiful! All of them! Hope your new year is off to a great start!


  7. wow great shots!! looked like it was quite a show.


  8. I watched in amazement when this was shown on our TV news. Fantastic building and display. Great photos too.

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  10. I love the pics they look real good. At one time i wanted to be a photographer but i found myself doing something else. But i love people who take these beautiful pics.


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